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John Guilford's Hikes

Goat Lake on 1989-10-08

Date: 1989-10-08

Location: Goat Lake

People: (including myself): Lynn

This was 11 miles RT with about a 1200 ft gain.  It is one of the prettier lakes that I've seen.  We started off at 12:00 and got back to the car at 5:30 (this included spending over an hour at the lake snoozing in the sun).  There are two ways to go the beginning of the trail, either an old abandoned roadway or the trail by the river.  The road is a mile longer, but about the same time as the trail (since you can make better time on the road).  The takes off from the parking lot about 15 feet from the signs on the right side (the trail head isn't very obvious).  The trail switchbacks down about 3 times before it gets to the river which it then follows up to the old parking lot (at the end of the old road).  The trail is prettier, although the end near the upper parking lot was terribly overgrown.  At times we were wading through brush taller than ourselves.  The end of the trail near the upper parking lot may also hard to find (we bushwhacked from the parking lot to find it).  The road used to go all the way up to the upper parking lot before a slide closed it.  It is good mountain biking up to the upper "parking lot", but non-hikers are forbidden beyond there.  The lake is very pretty, there are camping spots on the left just before you get to the lake.  It looks like it would be a good spot to go (probably mid-week) in September after the crowds and bugs are gone (maybe leaving after work, and taking the next day off).  The trail beyond the upper parking lot is in good shape and offers wide variety (old growth timber, young alder forests, brush).  At the lake, you can follow the trail around the left side about 2/3 the way across where you come to a rock outcropping that is just perfect to eat, sleep, or watch the views from.  In warmer weather the swimming looks good.  The lake is real clear.  Despite the previous days initial low clouds not breaking through, today was clear with a bit of high clouds.  We got to hike in the sun (when it wasn't behind a hill or trees). 

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