Climbing in the Alps, 2014

My Final Attempt at Mont Blanc

After my ill-fated attempt at Mont Blanc last year, I decided that Mont Blanc du Tacul was “good enough”, and that another attempt would not be worth the hassle of the training and the stress of the trip.

Then around Christmas of last year I started thinking about it some more. I decided that it really hadn't been *that* bad. I figured that it would continue to gnaw away at me if I left it unfinished, so I decided to make one last attempt.

This time, I would get my own guide and not share him with another client. If I were to fail, I wanted to fail because of myself or because of nature, not due to the other client.

I also decided to go with Mountain Spirit Guides, and in particular with “Chris”, who I had met on my previous attempt.

This was my “Swan Song” or retirement from big mountains. In different ways, the trip was both harder and easier than I imagined. But I can say with certainty at this point, that unless I get a strong case of amnesia, I will make no more journeys to big mountain summits.

Most of the pictures were taken by me, but some were taken by my guide, Chris Riepl. These are marked with “(CR)”.

Mont Blanc (from postcard)
Mont Blanc (from postcard)

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