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Thursday December 8: San Jose to La Fortuna

Wednesday December 7: Boston to San Jose

Flight Delays

Our latest adventure is afoot. We are now sitting in Terminal C of Logan, with an hour or two to kill before our flight to JFK. Then we'll have a few hours of layover before the long flight to Costa Rica.

We had a small adventure on the way in. There was an accident on the Pike, so the van crawled for 30-60 minutes at a very slow speed. But then we passed the accident, and things sped up.

When we got to the airport, we tried to check in at the kiosk, but it didn't like Sam's passport. We went to a person, and there was no problem.

We were picked up at home around 9:30, so the morning wasn't totally rushed. However, I did forget a few things. I forgot to eat my banana. The main problem there is that it is going to be rather funky by the time we return. I also forgot to grab a mask, but fortunately I had packed a bunch in my checked bag, so I had to dig one of those out when we got into the airport.

We got through security very quickly and easily.

Sam and I grabbed a burger for lunch. Amy got a sandwich.

Our problems began again just before the plane left the gate. The pilot came on and said that JFK had just closed ground operations, and that we would have an update in an hour. Fortunately, we had about a 3 hour layover in JFK, and not an hour one.

A while later, he came on, and said that they had resumed service, but we were going on a longer route (out to Albany and then south), so we needed more fuel. It seemed to take forever, but we eventually left.

They were supposed to serve a beverage and a snack, but due to the flight being short, and the air being choppy, they canceled it.

I just had on a tee-shirt and a fleece shirt, and I was freezing.

When we got to JFK, the clouds were very low. I was thinking that without GPS and radar, you couldn't fly/navigate in this weather. When we dropped out of the clouds, we were very low (I would guess 500-1000 feet) and only about 15 seconds from touchdown.

I was wondering if we would have to walk a mile through the airport to get to some sort of international concourse for our flight out, but apparently not. Our connecting gate was not that far from where we arrived.

We grabbed some fast food which wasn't that fast and wasn't that great. When we got back to the gate, we found that our flight out was a bit delayed, by about 30-60 minutes, so we hadn't needed to scarf down the food as fast as we had.


We are now safely in San Jose, CR. Our take-off was interesting. We seemed to taxi for about a half-hour before reaching the end of the runway for take-off. We were joking about whether we were flying to Costa Rica or just driving there.

The flight was reasonably uneventful, other than being about an hour delayed. Our hotel room is very nice. It is now just after midnight, although in Boston it is 1am. I expect to sleep much better tonight than in the past few nights.

San Jose Hotel Room

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Thursday December 8: San Jose to La Fortuna