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Thursday December 8: San Jose to La Fortuna

Saturday December 10: La Fortuna to San Ramon

Friday December 9: La Fortuna

Suspension Bridges

In the middle of the night there was a torrential downpour, from the sound of things. I was wondering what we would do if it did that when we were supposed to be doing something, but when we got up, it was dry. The top of the volcano, however, was in the clouds.

Arenal Volcano from Resort
Our Residence
Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird Outside Our Front Door
Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird Outside Our Front Door

Breakfast was your typical good buffet, with some omelet stations, which I took advantage of.

We met our guide at 8 and then drove up to the volcano station, partway up the mountain. We then took a hike, which was really more of a meandering stroll, looking for interesting plants, birds, and other wildlife.

Pit Viper in Tree
Frog Pretending to be a Leaf

We visited the "nest", which was a very tall, scaffolding type tower. I was only a little nervous on it, particularly when it swayed in the wind.

"Nest" Tower

A bit later, it started raining lightly, and some of us took out umbrellas. But shortly after that, we had a major stop and did a lot of hummingbird viewing. We basically just tossed the umbrellas aside to get pictures and binoculars on the birds. At that point, however, the rain was essentially over.

White Crested Female Coquette Hummingbird
White Crested Female Coquette Hummingbird
White Crested Female Coquette Hummingbird
Unknown Type of Bird
Interesting Plant

At one point, there were some Great Curassow next to the trail. That led to a whole lot of picture taking.

Female Great Curassow
Female Great Curassow

We came to a place that had a restaurant and viewing area. The rain started up again, so we went inside. It rained heavily for a short while. The guide went to get the van and bring it nearby, so we wouldn't get too wet, but by the time he arrived, the rain was over again.

Sam Resting During the Rain Storm
Amy Enjoying View During Rain Storm
View from Restaurant

We had been thinking of eating at that place, but it was a bit early (11:00), and they didn't start lunch until 11:30. As a result, we went to a place towards town.

On the way there, we stopped to photograph a coati. A bit later we photographed a second one. Yet further along, we were stopped by a whole flock of them crossing the road. It was almost humorous watching them keep coming out of the woods and across the road. We guessed that there were 50-75 of them in the pack.

Inquisitive Coati
Why Did the Coatis Cross the Road?
Coatis Crossing Road

After lunch, we went to a place with suspended bridges. I was expecting walkways hung through the canopy, but it was more a walkway that cross a bunch of ravines over normal bridges and then a number of higher/longer suspension bridges. Those bridges would sway uncomfortably as we walked. It felt really weird to be walking on something that was moving.

Amy and Sam on Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Paved Portion of Trail

We saw lots of birds, and for the first and probably only time on the trip, I saw one bird before anyone else did.

Arenal Volcano
Boat-billed Heron
Howler Monkey ??
Rufous Motmot
Colorful Bug

Near the end, Sam and I went down a side trail to get a view of a small waterfall.

Small Waterfall

On the last bridge on the way out, we ran into a family of howler monkeys.

Howler Monkey
Bird of Paradise (?) Flower
Yellow Throated Toucan
Crested Guan

Crossing one of the bridges, we got a good view of the volcano without a cloud cover. By the time we reached the end, however, the top was obscured again.

Arenal Volcano from Bridge
Arenal Volcano
Sam Saying Hello to Curious Coati

We got back to the resort a bit late: 5:00 to 5:30. Sam wanted more time in the pools, so we scheduled dinner for 7:30. Amy stayed at the cottage while Sam and I went down to the pools. I don't think it was as neat as the previous day, probably because it wasn't new and different.

Dinner was a bit strange. It looked like they gave us a lunch menu. We asked about it, and we were told that this was the appropriate menu for us. We could pick an appetizer, a main course, and then desert. It was a very different experience than the previous night. We didn't know if we had been given the wrong menu the previous night, or if we blew the budget, and this was trying to get us back on course.

On the other hand, this reduced menu was probably about the right amount of food for us.

View from Dinner

Tomorrow we have to pack everything up, as we will be heading out to our next lodging.

Amy is feeling fairly bad. Hopefully it is nothing serious and more a reaction to overexerting herself today.

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Thursday December 8: San Jose to La Fortuna

Saturday December 10: La Fortuna to San Ramon