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Wednesday August 31: Chamonix to Boston


Epilogue: Final Thoughts

Since returning from these trips, it has dawned on me that in one sense, I was trying to be something that I wasn't.

In both the Spain trip and on this trip, I imagined myself as the romantic suave traveling, strolling around, stopping at some cafe to enjoy an afternoon cafe latte or perhaps a glass of wine.

What I've come to realize, however, is that this is not me. Even though these vacations were not the high-adventure vacations of climbing in the Alps or the Andes, I was still trying to keep active and to fit as much as I could into the few days available in each spot. Another way to think of it is that particularly in Chamonix, I had the opportunity to try the more relaxed vacation I romantically pictured, but I never took advantage of it. Hence my conclusion that this is a nice, romantic image, but it isn't (at least at present) my style.

Thoughts on packing: For this trip, I bought the smallest day-pack I could find. I viewed it as being sort of like a large fanny-pack: something that I could put an umbrella in and perhaps some rain gear, as I was strolling around town. At the same time, I wanted something that I could put into my suitcase, without it taking up a lot of space.

It performed that role admirably. On the other hand, if I wanted to fill it with cold weather gear for the tops of Swiss mountains, but not have to wear it down below or on the way up, it was rather small. For things like that, a slightly larger pack would be been better.

We were slightly disappointed in the Glacier Express not seeing more glaciers or at least more snow and ice. I think the train would be more picturesque in the spring or late autumn.

If we ever go back to Zermatt, I think that it would be nice to go up to Sunnegga, and then to hike down. I think on that path, I would pass a number of "Alpine Settlements" some of which would contain quaint eateries, where one could take a break, enjoy some afternoon refreshment, while enjoying a view (hopefully) of the Matterhorn.