Virgin Islands: Postscript:

A few days after we got back, the tropical system down there got organized, and Hurricane Omar passed between Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. If we had been scheduled to go a week later, we almost certainly would not have gone. If we had been scheduled to go a half week later, we might have had to either leave early, or be stuck down there longer.

Having experienced the heavy rains and the resulting flooding, particularly on the day we left, Iím not sure I would care to experience a hurricane there in person.

Thoughts for future trips:

1)      Better to stay at Maho Bay than Cinnamon Bay

2)      There is probably enough to do at Maho Bay to fill up a day or two, but you really need a Jeep to get to other places on the island (e.g. trail to Reef Bay, Trunk Bay, etc.) You might be able to get by with taxis, but that is more of a pain, and after several trips each day, a Jeep might be cheaper.

3)      Flippers are really useful for snorkeling

4)      When spending the day at the beach, re-apply sun screen several times.

5)      The price of Maho campground for 2 adults and 1 child for October/November timeframe would be $80 per night, the same as Cinnamon Bay.

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