John Guilford's Photo Gallery: Yellowpoint Lodge

Pictures taken at Yellowpoint Lodge, Vancouver Island, BC

This is a gallery of some of my photographs. I hope you enjoy them.

All rights reserved. These images are not to be used or copied without my prior written permission.

Unless otherwise noted, through 2011 all pictures taken by me with a Nikon D70 camera.
Depending on the focal length, the lens is most likely either the Nikkor 18-70mm AF-S or the Sigma 70-300mm DG APO.
Starting in 2012, I switched to the Nikon D7000 with either the Nikon 18-105VR lens or the Nikon 70-300 VR lens.
In early 2013 I added the Nikon Micro 85mm lens.

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Bachelor's Button At Yellow Point
Date: 21-Apr-2010
Time: 12:27:59 AM
Exp: 1/250s @ f/8.0
ISO: 400
Lens: 220.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority
[ Dsc_5701b ]

While visiting one of my favorite places for photography, Yellow Point Lodge, I found this Bachelor's Button (Corn Flower). It was a bit challenging to shoot as the wind kept it in motion. I had to time the shot between gusts of wind.

Impressionist Trees

Despite looking (to me, anyway) like an Impressionist painting, this photo is as-shot from the camera. The "effect" is due to the picture actually being the reflection of the trees and skies from a small pond. A light wind was rippling the surface of the water leading to the visible effect. All I did was to turn the picture upside down.

The picture was shot at a pond at Yellow Point Lodge on Vancouver Island.

[ jhguilford1004n ] Date: 21-Apr-2010
Time: 11:23:09 AM
Exp: 1/100s @ f/4.5
ISO: 200
Lens: 48.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority

Sunlight On The Water
Date: 03-Aug-2008
Time: 8:38 AM
Eight images from
Exp: 1/15s @ f/13.0
To 1/2000s @ f/13.0
ISO: 200
Lens: 38.00mm
Meter: Manual
[ hdr2 ]

This is an experimental High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture taken of the morning sun reflecting off the Stuart Channel. It was shot from one of my favorite places to take pictures, Yellowpoint Lodge.

The scene had way too much dynamic range (the range from the darkest part to the brightest part of the image) to be captured in one picture. Under the trees it was fairly deep shadow while the sun reflecting off the water was extremely bright.

This picture was made from 8 separate exposures varying from 1/2000 seconds (to capture the sun on the water) to 1/15 second (to capture the shady areas) with each picture doubling the exposure of the previous one. These images were then combined and tone mapped into the image you see here.

While it doesn't accurately reflect what the scene looked like in real life, I like the effect. I think it looks a bit like a painted image.

Moonlight On The Water

An almost full moon reflecting off the waters of the Stuart Channel. The streak of light on the right was a boat that moved during the time exposure. Taken from Yellowpoint Lodge above White Beach.

[ jhguilford0805n ] Date: 17-Apr-2008
Time: 9:00:53 PM
Exp: 15.0s @ f/8.0
ISO: 200
Lens: 25.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority

Beaver Pond Reflection
Date: 16-Apr-2008
Time: 3:22:06 PM
Exp: 1/20s @ f/10.0
ISO: 200
Lens: 135.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority
[ jhguilford08nn ]

This picture is more of an abstract image for me. We had been hiking around the grounds of Yellowpoint Lodge when we came to their Beaver Pond. I saw this reflection and thought it would make a nice photo. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, and I had to hike back to the cabin to get my camera and tripod. When I returned to the pond, the water wasn't quite as smooth as it had been (you can see some little ripples) but I still like the result.

Multiple Personality Self Portrait

While vacationing at Yellowpoint Lodge we stayed in one of the Cliff Cabins above the water. There were so many things to do! I had a hard time deciding.

Clearly I was just having some fun here. The picture is the composite of seven different photos. I set the camera on a tripod and used manual exposure and focus so that those parameters wouldn't change between images. I then used a IR remote to trigger the camera after a few second self-timer delay.

I had a little trouble due to the light varying a bit between pictures, but for the most part the light didn't change all much. I think I ended up wearing almost all the different clothing I had brought with me on the trip.

[ jhguilford0804n ] Date: 16-Apr-2008
Time: 11:20:01 AM
Exp: 1/250s @ f/6.3
ISO: 200
Lens: 31.00mm
Meter: Manual
Flash: Flash fired; Auto mode

Threatening Clouds
Date: 19-Apr-2007
Time: 12:02:51 AM
Exp: 1/400s @ f/8.0
ISO: 200
Lens: 18.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority
[ jhguilford0704 ]

We were eating lunch at Yellowpoint Lodge on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The skies overhead were clear and blue, but these ominous dark clouds started building south of us.

For a while the weather was looking grim, but shortly after I took this photo, the dark clouds started breaking up and moving off. We ended up with quite pleasant weather in the afternoon.

While the original photo is color, I felt that black and white better captured the ominous grandeur of the clouds.

Twilight From The Cliff Cabins

Another evening time exposure from Yellowpoint Lodge. This one is from the so called Cliff Cabins (whose eave you can see at the upper left). This is another view looking north across Stuart Channel.

[ DSC_7457 ] Date: 18-Apr-2007
Time: 8:03:16 PM
Exp: 6.0s @ f/4.5
Lens: 18.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority

Yellowpoint Looking Northeast
Date: 19-Apr-2006
Time: 9:10:15 PM
Exp: 15.0s @ f/5.0
ISO: 640
Lens: 70.00mm
Meter: Aperture Priority
[ DSC_3241 ]

This is a night time exposure looking northeast from Yellowpoint Lodge located on the east coast of Vancouver Island. You can see a campfire down the beach as well as the glow from Vancouver (the city) reflected off the clouds. The light on the beach in the lower left is from the lodge building.

Reflecting Pool

Reflection from the salt water pool at Yellowpoint Lodge on Vancouver Island. The view looking across pool is across the Stuart Channel and Thetis, Galiano, and Valdez islands.

[ 138_3852 ] Date: 14-Apr-2004
Time: 6:22:58 PM
Exp: 1/500s @ f/4.9
Lens: 21.31mm
Camera: Canon Powershot S45

Date: 13-Apr-2004
Time: 9:57:17 AM
Exp: 1/1000s @ f/4.5
Lens: 7.09mm
Camera: Canon Powershot S45
[ 137_3744 ]

This is the dock you can see immediately behind the pool in the previous picture.

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