Construction of a five layer, 3-D acrylic maze

I made this five layer, 3 dimensional maze out of 1/2 inch acrylic for a Christmas gift in 1999.
(Click on the thumbnail to see the real (larger) picture).

The first step in making the maze was to mill the channels in the acrylic.  This was done using a Numerically controlled Bridgeport milling machine.

This is a close up of the cutter.

Here is another view of the Bridgeport mill.
After the different layers are milled, they are stacked together and glued.  The glue is very thin and wicks in from the edges of the plastic.
After the glue has dried overnight, a fly-cutter is used to surface each face to a smooth, flat surface.  At this point the surface is almost completely clear, though the mill marks are still visible.  To eliminate the mill marks, the surface is lightly wet sanded with 2000 grit sandpaper.

To get crystal clarity, the slight haze left from the sanding is polished out.

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Last updated on: Jun 17 2015