Miscelaneous Projects

These are some of the projects I've made:


3-dimension acrylic maze

Cat Condo

Impossible Box
Arrow Through The Bottle

Portable Massage Table

Coffee Tables

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Alarm clock based on MC68705 processor. Case is made from Black Walnut with a Danish Oil finish.

Schematic (large - 6352x3478)
Schematic (medium - 2096x1148)
Schematic (small - 762x417)
Parts List

Parts Placement (large - 3312x2568)
Parts Placement (medium - 1093x847)
Parts Placement (small - 828x642)

Programmable dissolve unit for controlling a pair of slide projectors. This is based on the MC68705 processor and is capable of manual or automatic (preprogrammed) operation.

Precision sliding tablesaw jig for making wooden puzzles.

Trashcan Turkey - cooks about twice as fast as in the oven.

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Last updated on: Wed June 17 2015