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John Guilford's Hikes

Mt. Pugh on 1990-08-12

Date: 1990-08-12

Location: Mt. Pugh

People: (including myself): Lynn, Jim Guilford, Gene Obie

Start :         8:30	1900'
Lake Metan:	9:30	3300'
Stujack Pass:	11:20	5700'
Summit:         1:45	7200'
Leave Sum:      2:45
Pass:		3:35
Lake:		5:15
Down :          6:00
This is not a hike for acrophobics! The trail starts off on the SW side of the mountain.  Thus you get to hike the beginning in the shade (so its relatively cool).  After you break out of tree line, you are in sun most of the way up.  The trail starts off gaining altitude right off, and continues to do so all the way up, although the slope is relatively easy so the hiking isn't bad.  Soon after the beginning you start switchbacking up to the lake, which you reach relatively quickly (and gives you the first glimpse of the summit).  After the lake, you continue switchbacking up to the tree line.  At this point, the trail steepens (and heats up, as you are now in the sun) and you switchback up a scree slope to Stujack pass.  All the way up you get a good view of the valley, the Sauk river, and the western Cascades.  The pass makes a good place for a snack with a view of Mt. Baker and a snowfield (on the other (north) side).  Although the exposure isn't bad on the way to the summit, people who are acrophobic may want to turn back here.  There are several places where there are hundred foot dropoffs next to the trail.  The trail continues along the ridge line for a ways (where you'll have to do some rock scrambling in places), and then switchbacks up to a relatively flat summit.  On the way up, one of our party decided that they didn't want to go all the way to the summit, so I helped him back to the pass to wait for us.  From the summit you get a good view of Glacier Peak.  Pictures of the lake (and summit from the lake) are better taken on the way back down when the lighting is better (in the morning it is back lit).  All in all, not that hard of a hike (we passed several people who had camped on top the previous night).  The bugs weren't bad (hardly noticeable), and it wasn't too hot.  The trail up to the pass is in real good shape. 


[ PIX1 ] Gene and Lynn coming down ridge line.  Sauk river in background. 

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