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John Guilford's Hikes

Perry Creek (Mt. Forgotten) on 1991-06-30

Date: 1991-06-30

Location: Perry Creek (Mt. Forgotten)

People: (including myself): Lynn, Matt and Dave Dierck

Start :         2:00	elev 2100
Ridge:     	5:30	elev 4800
Down :          8:15
The weather was threatening today, although it ended up pretty a pretty good day - weather wise, with high clouds mixed with some sun.  Not bad when the weather service called for showers.  The first two miles of the trail follow Perry Creek up to west flank of Dickerman Mtn..  The trail is is good shape and pretty level.  You pass numerous water falls on both sides of the valley - with all the snow melt, some of the ones on the far side were real pretty.  The trail passes through new growth trees and ferny hillsides and finally end up in some old growth trees.  There are a couple of small streams to cross.  In two miles you get to Perry Creek Falls.  This is a 40-50' falls on the main Perry Creek.  My new boots were rubbing my heals a little and I was concerned about getting blisters, so I stopped and put on some moleskin.  This helped quite a bit (I didn't end up getting any blisters).  There isn't much view from the trail - as you can only see it from the top looking down.  Soon after this, you cross Perry Creek and take a left and climb the side of the valley.  At this point you could also take a sharp right and climb up the north face of Dickerman (class 4 at times) or take a not so sharp right and bushwhack around to the saddle between Dickerman and Twin Peaks.  We looked over some of these routes for future use.  The sharp right route followed a steep gully (w/snow) for a ways.  From the base of the valley it didn't look too bad.  As we climbed higher, though, it looked steeper and steeper.  I think it was just perspective, for when we came down, it didn't look that bad again. 

After climbing a ways on the trail, we started hitting occasional patches of snow.  Lynn and Matt wanted to get up a snowball fight which Dave and I later joined in on.  As the pack straps were bothering Matt's shoulders, he and Lynn were alternating carrying his pack and my camera. 

The trail climbs a bit and near the ridge line we got into full time snow.  We lost the official trail under the snow, but it was an easy straight ascent to the ridge line and the flat meadow there.  From the meadow you got a good view to the north, looking out the Falls Creek valley.  You can also see the ridge line leading to Mt. Forgotten itself.  If you follow the trail further (which we didn't) you are supposed to get a view out the east side (Dickerman, Glacier Peak, etc).  We had lunch (dinner?) and headed back.  Neither Lynn nor Matt had waterproof shoes and got somewhat wet feet.  Matt only had sneakers (which didn't have good traction in the snow) and his feet got quite wet.  Up on the snow, when we weren't hiking it got a bit cool, so that the sweatshirts went on.  When the sun came out, it was quite bright and the sunglasses came on too.  Although, once we started back down, the sweatshirts came off again. 

On the way back down, Dave and I tarried a little after some not so subtle hints from MattLynn and Matt got a little ahead of us and hid behind a log.  Unfortunately, the big blue pack Lynn was wearing stuck up in plain view.  At first I thought they had left the pack on the side of the trail.  I also said something, but then noticed that they were hiding.  I quietly pointed it out to Dave and we kept going down the trail.  About 50' down the trail, we hid out on them.  After they passed us, we took up the march again.  They didn't see us, and were hurrying to catch up, which made them difficult for us to catch.  When they didn't come across us soon, Lynn started getting suspicious that maybe we had seen them.  We made good time down the trail and caught up with them at the waterfall, where they stopped so that Matt could change into some dry sneakers.  From there is was an uneventful hike back out (it was getting late and a bit cooler, but still t-shirt weather) except, once, when Matt fell and hit his knee which wasn't seriously damaged - just sore. 

Bugs weren't bad at all.  There were a few, and if you stopped on the trail they would congregate, but they weren't biting, and weren't annoying. 

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