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John Guilford's Hikes

Dickerman Mtn on 1991-08-04

Date: 1991-08-04

Location: Dickerman Mtn

People: (including myself): Lynn, Mamiko Takaya, Dave, Denise, Matt, and Jesse Diercks

			My Alt.	Real Alt.
Start:		12:20	2000	1900?
Top Switchback:	2:30	4400	4200?
Summit:		4:15	6000	5723
Leave Summit:	5:10	6000
Top Switchback:	6:10	4600
Down:		7:45	2200
Well, this was my third time up the hill.  I won't bother repeating most of my earlier observations.  The climb up was uneventful.  The monotonous switchbacks are still monotonous.  Initially we made slow progress due to Matt (10 years old) getting tired.  This improved later on when Lynn took his pack for him.  Mamiko did okay, although she said she was tired. I had the heaviest pack out of the group (the Diercks each had their own packs, while I carried everything for Mamiko, Lynn, and myself) but at the rate we were going, it didn't bother me.  I used my new pack (the Lowe) and I am pretty happy with it. 

This early in the year the blueberries weren't even close to getting ripe (they were just forming fruit) which disappointed Joe Megaw (we met him and Gary Wong near the top). 

There were annoying (but not very bitey) flies on the way up.  To my surprise, they seemed to bother other people much more than me.  I was the only one with long pants (for that very reason) which probably helped keep them away from me.  Everyone else (but me) ended up using insect repellent to keep the flies at bay.  Up on top the bugs weren't bad at all. 

Dave was pretty hungry and ate most of his lunch on the way up.  At the top Jesse found her sandwich pretty mashed up and decided that next time they should bring the plastic containers for their sandwiches like I did.  Lynn got low blood sugar half way up the switchbacks and ate half her sandwich their.  I had some raspberries with Mamiko near the top to the meadow. 

From the top of the meadow to the summit was a bit longer than I remembered it being (and steeper - it is comparable to the slope going up the switchbacks).  It was a hot day and people were sweating (particularly out in the sun).  I brought one 1-qt and one 1.5 qt water bottles and that seemed like a good amount.  Including drinks at the bottom, it came out just right (as usual Lynn didn't drink much, but Mamiko made up for her).  I didn't drink often, but I drank a lot with my lunch. 

Lynn, Mamiko, and Jesse left the summit a bit before we did, expecting that they would make slow time down and we'd catch up with them.  If they made slow time, we made slower.  They got down about 1/2 hour before we did.  Even though my knees weren't sore (and I could have gone faster), I took my usual time going down. 

There were quite a few cars at the bottom, but we missed most of the crowds at the top.  There might have been another couple there when we got up to the top.  While we were there several people came and went, but it wasn't nearly as crowded as the first time I came up. 

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