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John Guilford's Hikes

Mt. Mohonk (Mohonk Mountain House), New Paltz, NY on 1993-07-30

Date: 1993-07-30

Location: Mt. Mohonk (Mohonk Mountain House), New Paltz, NY

People: (including myself): Pam Becker and Jim Guilford

Start:		4:00 ish
Dinner:		6:30 ish
We didn't get down there until late.  The plan was to hike around for a while and then change for dinner at the Mountain House.  Dinner is really pretty reasonable there - on Friday and Saturday dinner is $30/person (which includes the full dinner [except wine] including the gratuity, dessert, mid-afternoon tea, use of the facilities [except the lake], the ability to drive to the hotel and valet parking, and use of their fitness room to change in [which has showers if desired]).  During the week it is $27-$28.  This isn't a bad price for a nice restaurant.  But I get ahead of myself.  The weather was marginal - we got rain, heavy at times, during the early afternoon so we weren't in any hurry to get down there.  It ended up clearing before we got there, though it threatened sprinkles a couple times, we had no problems.  We got there too late for afternoon tea (4:00?). 

We only had time to climb up through the Labyrinth to the skytop tower and back down.  We went around the south side of the lake and back to the mountain house to change.  We just went to the car (parked just outside the hotel) and got our suit bags and went into the hotel to their fitness room, which is located one floor down and to the north.  It was warm in the "locker" room (next to the shower) and I hurried my changing.  Jim was a bit slower and Pam took the longest.  It is interesting to note that although you need reservations for dinner, you do not have an assigned time to eat.  Once you have reservations, you can show up any time during dinner (something like 5:00-7:30).  We dropped the bags off in the car and then went to dinner.  The host gave us a choice of the main dining room (a bit noisier) or their other dining room which is quieter (and I think nicer).  We took the latter choice and had a pleasant meal. 

After dinner we strolled around the north side of the lake and enjoyed the ambiance of the place.  We couldn't stay too long since it was getting late, but the views of the Mountain House at night with the moon (which was 2 days before Full) was very pretty. 

Taking the time to eat dinner at the Mountain House was really worth it.  The food is good and reasonably priced, though their wine selection wasn't so great.  The ambiance was excellent. 

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