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John Guilford's Hikes

Dickerman Mtn on 2001-09-15

Date: 2001-09-15

Location: Dickerman Mtn

People: (including myself): Pam

			Real Alt.	Miles
Leave home:	10:00	
Start:		11:20	1920
Top Switchback:	1:00
Meadow:		1:30
Summit:		2:20	5723		4
Leave Summit:	2:50
Top Switchback:	3:30
Out:		5:00
The day started off gray with low clouds.  That, coupled with the bugs I experienced on my previous hike, caused me to wear long pants instead of shorts.  That proved to be the wrong choice.  By the time we got to the Dickerman trailhead, the day was sunny and warm.  Almost all of the other hikers we saw had shorts on.  Our long pants were lightweight and not that bad, but shorts would have been more comfortable.  Unlike Pilchuck, there were essentially no bugs for most of the hike.  At the summit a few flies and a mosquito or two came around.  They were mildly annoying, but not bad.  At first we felt that the 2 liter bottles of water that we brought would not be enough, but the water ended up being fine.  However, had I another bottle of water, I would have drank more on the way up. 

We had a relatively late start and the parking lot was almost full when we arrived.  There were only a few spots left.  After parking we set off up the trail.  Pam led and set a pretty good pace, in fact we set my record for fastest ascent of Dickerman

The trail is good and generally smooth.  In places they've laid a path of small rock to walk on, probably to reduce mud problems and erosion.  On this hike, the trail was dry and mud free except for a little water when you crossed little streams. 

Near the top of the switchbacks we stopped on a convenient log adjacent to the trail for a snack.  Continuing through the meadows, we ascended through blueberry bushes filled with ripe fruit.  We saw more than a few hikers picking berries, either to eat or saving for later. 

Pam started developing a blister on her heal nearer the summit.  Coupled with getting tired, this reduced our rate.  The summit wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, though it was by no means empty.  We wandered a bit east on the ridge to a less occupied spot to rest and eat.  I pulled out the map and compass and identified some of the surrounding peaks for Pam.  The sky was cloudless and haze was the only thing limiting visibility. 

Pam found that the moleskin she had put on her heal had come loose, folding over.  This is what gave her the blister.  She decided to try going down w/out the moleskin.  This worked fine, though it isn't clear whether the difference was the lack of moleskin or the going down rather than up. 

The bugs on the summit weren't that annoying, but they were annoying enough that we didn't stay longer than a half hour before beginning our descent. 

On the way down, we initially set a pretty good pace, but the relentless down hill started to pain Pam's knee that she had injured last spring.  There wasn't much to do, however, besides continuing on, though our pace slackened.  Half way down the switchbacks we heard a tumultuous commotion from a squirrel and saw two squirrels, one chasing the other.  Oblivious to our presence, they chased each other along logs, over the ground, across the trail, through the brush, until they were lost to view below us.  The one in front must have robbed the second one, or something like that. 

My watch battery was low and hence my altimeter wouldn't work (it only would say "Help" when I tried to use the altimeter) which is why I don't have "My Alt." readings for this hike. 

All in all it was a gorgeous day and a pleasant hike. 

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