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White Chuck (driving directions) on 2002-09-07

Date: 2002-09-07

Location: White Chuck (driving directions)

People: (including myself): Pam

Stanwood:	12:10
Darrington:	1:00
FS 24:		1:05	0 miles
Left fork:		4.5 
Bridge:			5
FS 2430:	1:25	7.9
Leave:		4:40
FS 24:		5:00
Sauk Prarie Rd:	5:26
Darrington:	5:30		
It has been about 8 years since I'd been to the base of White Chuck, and we went there for the blueberry picking.  Thus there is no hike or climb documented here.  However, the approach info is useful. 

We took a new approach in to White Chuck.  This approach works for both the classic Becky (Oak Creek) approach route and the northwest ridge approach route. 

In the past we've driven south from Darrington to the White Chuck picnic area, crossing the river, and heading back north on FS22 to FS24.  Instead of this, we went northeast of town to FS24 and went south on FS24 completely eliminating FS22.  This seemed as fast if not faster than our previous approach. 

Coming into town on SR530, turn left at the T intersection as if you were headed for the ranger station.  Go north for a short distance, taking a right on Sauk Prairie Road.  This crosses the river and heads east. Continue 2 miles until FS24 starts on your right (it is well marked). 

After the first mile or so, you'll switchback up the hillside in two long switchbacks.  The road then continues relatively straight. 

At about 4-1/2 miles, FS2420 branches off to the right.  Take the left fork which is the continuation of FS24.  In another half mile you'll cross an obvious bridge. 

At 7.9 miles you reach the junction of FS2430.  From here the previous directions still hold, except for the change noted below:

In my writeup of 1991-10-19 I mention a 4-way intersection.  This intersection is now gone.  Instead the road only takes what used to be the left branch of the intersection.  The old extension of the road that led to the start of the climb is blocked off by a series of berms and ditches.  At this point the current road turns left and passes a small pull out area with a dirt berm (the first one blocking the road) at its back.  If you find the road going on a straight gradual decline (heading NW) then you've gone too far. 

All the roads were labeled where they started except for FS2437.  At the junction, FS2436 forks with the left fork being FS2437 and the right fork continueing at FS2436.  If you take the right fork, the road begins to descend a bit and starts passing over a series of "speed bumps".  These were little hills of dirt across the full length of the road.  We found that our Accord would tend to bottom out a bit going over them.  If you find these you've taken the wrong fork. 

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