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Fay Canyon, Sedona on 2008-06-26b

Date: 2008-06-26b

Location: Fay Canyon, Sedona

People: (including myself): Pam

Start:		12:45	0
Canyon End:	1:30	1.2
Out:		2:00	2.4
Fay Canyon is the next canyon to the southwest of Boynton Canyon.  Based on how much we enjoyed Boynton Canyon as well as the recommendation of a local we'd met on Jordan Trail, we came here for a quick hike.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to spend on this hike, but we thought we could get a quick run in to the end of the canyon and back. 

To get to Fay Canyon, take Dry Creek Road north off of 89A in Sedona.  When it T's into Boynton Pass Road, take a left.  That will T into Boyton Canyon Road.  That another left here.  About 2000 feet later, find a large paved parking lot on the left and the trailhead across the road on the right. 

[ PIX4 ] The trail first passes the old parking area (unused now and blocked off) and heads up the canyon.  The way is relatively flat and easy.  As we started off, the clouds were beginning to build starting off as white, fluffy clouds and turning grayer as the hike progressed.  We heard thunder off in the distance, but we never saw any lightning or rain. 

[ PIX3 ] Due to our limited time, we took a fast pace in.  The trail is good most of the way in.  Towards the end, the trail crosses a rock slide and the well maintained trail ends there.  You can continue somewhat further on narrower trails that can be harder to follow until those peter out into the (dry) creek bed. 

This was a nice and short scenic hike.  It was well worth our time to visit, though it would have been better if we had more time and didn't have to be in such a hurry. 


[ PIX3 ] John, at the head of Fay Canyon. 

[ PIX4 ] Fay Canyon under dark clouds.  The canyon heads pretty much straight back into the center of the photo, angling a bit to the right. 

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