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Lake 22 on 2013-06-15

Date: 2013-06-15

Location: Lake 22

People: (including myself): Pam

			Alt.	Miles
Trailhead:	11:45	1100	0
22 Creek:	12:15	1360	0.5
Lake 22		1:20	2413	2.7
Leave Lake:	2:00
22 Creek:	3:05		4.9
Trailhead:	3:30	1100	5.4
It being Father's Day weekend with gorgeous spring weather, we expected the hike to Lake 22 to be crowded.  It was, but it wasn't as bad as I had initially feared.  It had been more than a decade since my last visit to Lake 22, and I was curious to see what may have changed. 

After buying the Forest Service pass at the Verlot ranger station, we arrived at the trail head parking lot right off of the Mountain Loop highway.  Based on the cars parked along the entryway, we thought we'd have trouble finding a parking spot, but our fears were groundless as there were several spots available, probably from folks who had already come and gone. 

[ PIX1 ] [ PIX6 ] The trail initially roughly parallels the road gaining elevation and diverging slowly.  In half a mile the trail crosses Twenty Two creek on a bridge with some nice views of a small waterfall. 

Around the 2 mile point the trail crosses a talus slope with views of Three Fingers and other nearby peaks.  The trail was in much better shape than I had expected given the number of hikers using it.  It was very well maintained, and though it was wet in places it wasn't muddy. It appears they brought in gravel/crushed rock for the trail. 

Shortly before the lake, we saw our first snow.  A bit further on, the snow covered the trail.  The snow was well consolidated and relatively easy to travel on, even for hikers in tennis shoes. 

[ PIX5 ] [ PIX4 ] Since the last time I was at the lake, they've constructed a board walk that extends part way around the lake.  I'm sure this helps cut down on erosion problems in addition to making it easier to get around.  The lake was still partially covered in snow/ice though the nearer part closer to the outflow was open.  Despite the number of hikers there, it wasn't too hard to find a relatively quiet rock to rest on and eat lunch. 

[ PIX3 ] Pam noticed a little garden gnome hiding in the underbrush a little off of the boardwalk. 

We went part way around the lake, but didn't take the time to go all the way around, though it looks like this wouldn't have been too hard to do. 

The trail was partly sunny and partly shaded depending on location.  It was a bit warm on the hike up and pleasantly cool at the lake.  It was a fine day for the first hike of the seasson. 


[ PIX1 ] Backlit leaves showing needle shadows. 

[ PIX2 ] Lovely old stump possessing great character. 

[ PIX3 ] Gnome hiding in the underbrush on the side of Lake 22

[ PIX4 ] Far side of Lake 22.  This is really a reflection in the lake that I turned upside down.  If you look above the snowfields, you will see the rocky bottom of the lake. 

[ PIX5 ] Bridge over the outflow from the lake with some of the numerous hikers. 

[ PIX6 ] Twenty Two Creek where the trail crosses near the bottom of the trail. 

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