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Cherry Creek Falls on 2013-08-18

Date: 2013-08-18

Location: Cherry Creek Falls

People: (including myself): Pam

			  	Alt.	Miles
Trailhead:		2:10	290	0
Margaret Creek:		2:25	365	0.75
Hannan Creek:		3:10	350	2.4
Cherry Creek Falls:	3:15	325	2.5
Leave: 	     		3:35
Trailhead:		4:30	
Approach: From the north end of Duvall, take NE Cherry Valley Rd off of Rt 203.  Follow this road for 4.2 miles and take a left just before the Valley Foursquare Church onto Mountain View Rd NE.  The trailhead is at the intersection, so park immediately after turning. 

The forest road (the trail) starts at a gated road.  There is also a short foot trail that leaves from the south end of the parking area that meets up with the road a short ways in from the gate. 

The trail is old logging road.  In most places it is wide and smooth allowing two people to walk abreast, though there are places where the undergrowth has encroached on the road making it into a single wide trail. 

The going is easy.  About 3/4 of a mile in, one crosses Margaret Creek on a bridge.  The directions we followed state that after the bridge one should look out for some trail junctions, staying left at the first junction, and right at the second.  The main (and correct) trail pretty much went straight at both of these junctions so that's an equally valid description. 

Our description stated to stay right at the junction at the top of a short hill, but again we found that you mostly just stay straight at the junctions. 

[ PIX1 ] [ PIX2 ] The only tricky part we found was the last turn.  About at mile 2.4, the trail crosses Hannan Creek.  This was a dry washout that was easily larger than any we'd crossed yet (see picture).  Just past Hannan Creek, there is a bit of a cleared area with the main trail continuing straight.  Instead of taking that, take an immediate right where a smaller trail branches off. 

[ PIX3 ] [ PIX4 ] Follow the side trail a short ways to an overlook above Cherry Creek Falls.  A short, steep trail leads to the bottom.  We timed our visit quite well.  On our hike in we passed maybe a half dozen groups coming out, including a pair of horses.  When we got to the falls, there was only one family of four there and it wasn't too hard to get some nice pictures.  Just as we were leaving another group showed up. 


[ PIX1 ] Hannan Creek (dry creek bed) where the trail crosses it. 

[ PIX2 ] Junction to side trail.  The main trail (not to the falls) continues straight (leftish in this picture).  To go to the falls, take a right at this clearing.  The side trail is in the dark patch on the right of the picture. 

[ PIX3 ] Cherry Creek Falls

[ PIX4 ] Another view of Cherry Creek Falls

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