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Sulphur Skyline, Jasper N.P. on 2015-07-31

Date: 2015-07-31

Location: Sulphur Skyline, Jasper N.P.

People: (including myself): Pam

				Alt.	Miles
Miette Hotsprings:	10:15	4500	0
Shuey Pass:		11:15	5500	1.4
Summit:			12:00	6700	2.7
Leave:			12:45	6700
Shuey Pass:		1:30	5500	4.0
Miette Hotsprings:	2:10	4500	5.4
This day was sunny and warmer than when we hiked to Lake Agnes a few days before.  We were glad we started as early as we did as it would only get warmer as the day progressed.  The trail starts at the Miette Hotsprings.  Park in their lot, then the trail starts just past their buildings on the left. 

[ PIX1 ] The trail is in excellent shape and steadily climbs in altitude. It climbs up the valley before reaching Shuey Pass where there is a junction with other trails.  This is the halfway point in the climb to the summit. Beyond the pass, the trail starts to switchback up the ridge before emerging above treeline at another pass. 

[ PIX2 ] [ PIX3 ] The trail descripion warns that the area is well-known for afternoon thunderstorms, and cautions to remain below treeline if the weather looks threatening.  Today the weather was definitely not threatening.  We continued up.  The trail gets a bit steeper and not in quite as good of condition on the ascent to the summit.  There we found great views all around along with lots of wind.  After the hot climb up to Sulphur Skyline, the wind felt good, at least initially. 

[ PIX4 ] [ PIX5 ] After some photos, we descended the lee of the summit for a bit to try to get out of the wind a little while we had lunch.  We had to put our jackets on due to the wind.  After lunch we took off the jackets and began the hike down.  Once off the summit, the wind dropped and the day grew warm again. 

[ PIX6 ] [ PIX7 ] On the way down, we got to enjoy some of the little treasures alongside the trail, such as mushrooms, butterflies, wild flowers, and even a hummingbird. 


[ PIX1 ] Pam, just above tree line,

[ PIX2 ] Colorful view from Sulphur Skyline

[ PIX3 ] View of the Fiddle River Valley (and road in). 

[ PIX4 ] Pam demonstrating the wind with a view down the valley to Miette Hotsprings. 

[ PIX5 ] Trail down with Shuey Peak behind. 

[ PIX6 ] Mushroom on the side of the trail. 

[ PIX7 ] Butterfly on the side of the trail. 

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